Our Team

Our Team

Phone: +1 (435) 797-4117
Email: rkaundal@usu.edu

Dr. Rakesh Kaundal

Department of Plants, Soils and Climate

     Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics

Center for Integrated BioSystems
(College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences)

     Director, Bioinformatics Facility

Department of Computer Science
(College of Science)

     Adjunct Assistant Professor


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Highly successful track record of integrating biology and bigdata analytics with over 14 years’ experience in bioinformatics, computational biology, and scientific programming. In-depth knowledge of bioinformatics data analysis tools and databases, information management, and integration to support diverse activities essential for organismal improvement and genomics-enabled studies.

Research Interests

Next-generation sequencing data (analysis, alignment, assembly, annotation); Computational modeling of -omics big data; Systems biology, develop algorithms to study intra- and inter-species interaction networks (e.g. host-pathogen interactions), predict Gene Regulatory Networks; Metagenomics (e.g. rhizosphere microbiome interacting with the host); Computational genomics. Develop workflows to facilitate data mining; Develop and maintain scientific software/tools.

Bioinformatics Staff

Rousselene B. Larson
Bioinformatics Scientist


Naveen Duhan
PhD Student | PSC
Raghav Kataria
PhD Student | PSC
David Guevara
PhD Student | CS


Andrew Jouffray
BSc Computer Science