• Where it all began

    Welcome to the KAABiL group: We bring together biology, computer science, engineering, and related disciplines to train the next generation of data scientists...

  • Dr. Kaundal's Research

    Computational mining and modeling of complex multi-dimensional OMICS datasets using supervised and unsupervised learning, implement as databases and prediction tools...

  • Modeling Host-Pathogen Interactions

    Understand the genomic aspects of plant/animal pathogen evolution and/or virulence either at the organismal or population level; explore cross-kingdom threats and identify novel...

  • Metagenomics for Crop Improvement

    Develop bioinformatics solutions for annotation of agri-microbiomes; predict and recover novel enzyme encoding genes involved in Nitrogen (N) cycle from soil metagenomes...

  • Advanced NGS Data Analysis

    Collaborative research: normal bioinformatics data mining to complex NGS projects such as RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, SNP-seq, Methyl-seq, miRNA-seq, GBS, Genome Assembly, etc...

  • Meet the Lab Members

    We have a wide variety of people, with diverse skill sets at the KAABiL lab. They range from graduate students to undergraduates, all from a wide variety of disciplines.


Welcome to the KAABiL group!

We bring together biology, computer science, engineering, and other related disciplines to train the next generation of data scientists

Artificial Intelligence: OMICS bigdata to novel biological discoveries
Computational modeling through pattern recognition, develop novel algorithms and...
Precision Agriculture: Robotics for integrated weed management (IWM)
Incorporate sensing technology for precise IWM, minimize damage to crop, environment...
NGS studies: Deciphering and making sense of the complex -omics bigdata
Identification of novel expressed genes from transcriptomics studies, methylation patterns...and more text
Host-pathogen interactions: Understanding mechanisms of infectious diseases
Explore cross-kingdom threats and identify novel therapeutic candidates...
Metagenomics: Bioinformatics solutions for crop improvement
Investigate diversity of enzymes in soil metagenomes and develop advanced tools...
Protein function prediction: Annotation of novel proteomes
Identify novel protein features, train in an AI framework, implement as web servers...
Dr. Kaundal's Remarkable Journey

Our research has appeared in high-impact journals including Briefings in Bioinformatics, Plant Physiology, Proteomics, AoB Plants, and many more






About the KAABiL Research Group

The Utah State University Bioinformatics Lab is led by Dr. Rakesh Kaundal.

The group's research interests span a range of topics in applying statistical pattern recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning technologies in the area of systems biology, metagenomics, regulatory mechanisms of gene expression, genome-wide host-pathogen interaction networks, and genome annotation for functional studies.

Our lab is actively developing novel computational tools and algorithms for pathogen detection and discrimination, identification of species-specific signatures, and using AI to predict biochemical pathways and structure/function analyses. Another key strength of our research program lies in collaborative associations - making sense of the petabytes of complex OMICS bigdata from NGS experiments. For example,

  • transcriptomics studies (RNA-seq), miRNA-seq
  • methylation patterns (Methyl-seq)
  • GBS data, assembly of novel genomes, etc.
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Dr. Rakesh Kaundal

Rakesh is an Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics in the Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate at Utah State University, and is the Director of Bioinformatics Facility at the Center for Integrated BioSystems, USU.

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  1. 2007-2011

    Postdoctoral Fellow (Bioinformatics)

    Noble Foundation, Ardmore (OK), USA
  2. 2006

    Ph.D. (Plant Breeding & Genetics)

    Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, India
  3. 2004

    PGDBI (Bioinformatics)

    Sikkim Manipal University, India
  4. 1998

    M.Sc. (Plant Breeding & Genetics)

    CSK HP Agricultural University, India
  5. 1995

    B.Sc. (Agriculture)

    CSK HP Agricultural University, India
Rousselene B. Larson
Bioinformatics Scientist
Colin Bernhardt
HPC Systems Administrator
Raghav Kataria
PhD Student | PSC
Naveen Duhan
PhD Student | PSC