KAABiL Members Presented at Statistics Conference

Utah State University, Logan, UT May 16-19, 2022

The PI and the lab members of KAABiL group delivered a series of talks and posters related to computational modeling of bigdata and its applications in agriculture. The PI also was invited as one of the Panel members to discuss challenges in transforming bigdata to real world agriculture applications. Dr. Kaundal also delivered an invited talk on how RNA-Seq and transcriptomics profiling studies could help mitigate the issues of salinity stress in the US. Graduate student Naveen presented an oral presentation on a Python package recently developed with integrating novel features and automated report generation for Next-generation sequencing datasets. Graduate student David gave a talk on developing machine learning-based algorithms for the identification of virus families and species, and human-virus protein-protein interactions. For more details on the presentations, please visit the Conferences webpage. Started in 1989, the Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture is held on an annual basis rotating across the universities in the US. It brings together statisticians and researchers from academia, industry, and government to develop and discuss new methodologies and innovative applications in statistics for the advancement of agricultural research.

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