TRustDB: Host-Pathogen Interaction Database of Stem Rust disease in Triticum aestivum

Database Overview

Wheat (Triticum aestivum), the most widely cultivated crop in the world, ranks third and counts to around 35% of the total grains produced around the globe. Recently, the occurence of stem rust in wheat has affected the grain yield and quality of the crop to around 60-70%, thus being a major threat to the agriculture industry, worldwide. The disease is caused by two races of Puccinia graminis: 'Ug99' and '21-0'.

TRustDB, a database for Triticum aestivum -Puccinia species protein-protein interactions, provides valuable information about the Puccinia species, which includes various functional protein annotations of the proteins involved in the interactions.

Host species
Triticum aestivum
Pathogen species
Puccinia graminis isolate Ug99 (Pgt Ug99)
Puccinia graminis isolate 21-0 (Pgt 21-0)
Download the proteomes of the species
Protein sequences

162,601 (T. aestivum: 104,701 | Pgt Ug99: 22,524 | Pgt 21-0: 35,376)

Effector proteins

11,500 (Pgt Ug99: 4,330 | Pgt 21-0: 7,170)

Secretory proteins

7,451 (Pgt Ug99: 2,193 | Pgt 21-0: 5,258)

Host-pathogen interactome comparison